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Exco Levi drops his newest album, titled "Born to be Free."

Reggae luminary Exco Levi, renowned for his thought-provoking lyrics and conscientious reggae sound, has unveiled his latest musical opus titled "Born to be Free." The album revolves around powerful themes of liberation, emphasizing both physical emancipation and mental liberation. Notably, the songs were crafted during the challenging period of the pandemic, infusing the album with a profound sense of introspection and relevance to the contemporary world.

Exco Levi, whose previous album "Narrative," produced by Silly Walks, made waves in 2018, expressed how the unique circumstances of the pandemic influenced the thematic core of "Born to be Free." This latest offering is a testament to the artist's ability to channel personal and collective experiences into a musical narrative that resonates with listeners.

"Born to be Free" boasts collaborations with esteemed artists such as Dwayne Stephenson and Charly Black, adding diverse layers to the album's sonic tapestry. These collaborations showcase Exco Levi's commitment to fostering musical synergy and delivering a well-rounded listening experience.

In an insightful interview with the Jamaica Gleaner, Exco Levi shared his perspective on the album, stating, "We need these kinds of music in this time when there is so much going on in the world. There is not a lot of music out there enlightening and uplifting the people; [even with] the abundance of water in Jamaica, the fools [are] still thirsty. Bless up all reggae musicians worldwide who are still on the conscious side." This declaration underscores Exco Levi's dedication to using his music as a powerful medium for enlightenment and inspiration, especially during tumultuous times. "Born to be Free" stands as a beacon of consciousness, providing a musical sanctuary that addresses societal issues while uplifting and empowering its listeners. With its timely themes, collaborative spirit, and Exco Levi's signature lyrical prowess, "Born to be Free" is a must-listen for those seeking reggae that transcends entertainment and becomes a source of enlightenment and empowerment.

1 March 2024

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