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Empressive Radio is a community-based multimedia platform dedicated to celebrating Jamaican/African history, culture, and reggae music. Our mission is to promote emerging and established artists, DJs, and professionals in the music industry while providing high-quality content to our listeners. Since the lockdown in 2020, we have focused on delivering engaging and educational content to our audience. Empressive Radio believes in the power of music, art, and culture to unite people and foster positive connections.

We invite you to tune in to Empressive Radio and discover a whole new world of edutainment. Connect with us on social media, sign up for our newsletter, or reach out directly to explore partnership opportunities, submit music for consideration, or inquire about advertising and sponsorship options.

At Empressive Radio, we are committed to celebrating the power of word and sound while promoting Jamaican/African history, culture, and reggae music from its roots. Join us on this journey of cultural exploration and community engagement.

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