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Sister Jean Bunny Wailer’s Wife Still Missing After Almost Three Years

The search for Sister Jean, the late Bunny Wailer's wife, has been going on for nearly three years. ​ ​Despite a $1 million cash reward being offered by worried family members, the five-foot, three-inch tall, dreadlocked woman wandered away from home on May 23, 2020. She reportedly had dementia.

On Thursday, March 2, close friends and family gathered in a private setting to honour his father. These sentiments were echoed. The real celebration, according to him, will take place at a Rootsman Skanking concert the following month.​

​Bunny, who was born Neville Livingston on April 10, 1947, passed away on March 2 of the previous year at the age of 73. The native of Trench Town was in and out of the hospital after suffering a second stroke in July 2020. Later, in March 2021, Livingston released a movie called "WAILnSOUL: Searching for Jean Watt, the wife of Bunny Wailer," which detailed the family's attempts to track down their matriarch and the challenges they had to overcome. ​​The mini documentary also depicts the last time she was seen leaving her house. She was last seen wearing a black top, a brown skirt, and sandals at the time the CCTV footage was taken.

Tuff Gang Collective and Solomonic Productions collaborated to create the mini-documentary, which was published on YouTube in March. It includes interviews with the Watt and Livingston families as well as renowned expert on the effects of ageing on the mind, professor Denise Eldemire Shearer.

The documentary focuses on vulnerable women, and while old age and mental illness were the causes of vulnerability in Jean Watt's case, it highlights Jasmine Dean's situation, who was vulnerable due to a visual impairment. Jasmine, has been missing since February 2020. Jasmine, who is blind, is a first-year student at The University of the West Indies.

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