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'Mi done wid gun song,' vows Demarco

Acknowledging that some elements of music promote murders and the use of guns, dancehall singjay Demarco has vowed to stop using his songs to promote such violent acts.

In fact, the artiste is imploring his colleague entertainers in the music industry to also stop promoting violence in music.

"I wish every dancehall artist, including myself, will stop singing killing and gun songs. Amen," posted Demarco on his official Instagram page on Sunday.

However, the 'Love My Life' singjay is contending that "music alone is not the cause of crime", and urged the leaders of the country to "look into yourselves".

The views of the dancehall veteran come on the heels of last month's ban by the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ) on the playing of songs glorifying scamming, Molly and guns.

Reggae singer Gramps Morgan was among those supporting Demarco's call.

"Been screaming this for years now. Thank you bredda for speaking," Gramps Morgan wrote, to which Demarco responded: "@grampsmorgan mi boss, thank you for always singing positive music."

Dancehall recording artiste I-Octane, posted a simple "Realtalk", in response to his colleague's stance.

In a reply to the deejay, Demarco said: "@realioctane long time this a bother mi, mi bredda, an[d] mi finally get the courage fi speak out about it.

"We as artists can sing 'bout nuff more topics than killing our own and getting paid for it," he added.

Grammy Award-winning dancehall artiste, Sean Paul, also gave his support to his colleague's call, commenting: "Same way so G. We are what we pre."

Demarco replied: "@duttypaul Mi done wid gun song, mi boss."

But iMage, a music producer-turned-artiste, told Demarco, frankly: "Mi nah stop sing badman tune."

Responding to that remark, Demarco said he hoped that he would change such thoughts one day.

"It won't hit home until you're affected by the same gunman chunes you're singing and I pray that doesn't happen. Bless mi g," he commented.

One of the entertainer's followers, @kingjones_876, pointed to Demarco's past songs featuring gun lyrics.

He said: "Marco, you make the tuffest gun song dem, a just self-expression. Dem nah tell M Night Shyamalan fi stop make obeah movie."

While agreeing that he has utilised gun lyrics in his music, the 'Puppytail' singer admitted that such songs may have corrupted the minds of ghetto youths.

"@kingjones_876 mi mek the tuffest gun songs. I agree, but where dem guh?" Demarco asked.

In responding to his own question, he said: "Inna the young ghetto yutes brain fi corrupt dem mind when mi should a sing songs fi stimulate dem brain fi make money and tek care of them family."

To his call for leaders of Jamaica to look into themselves, as "music alone is not the cause of crime", the entertainer gained the support of outspoken Reggae crooner, Tanya Stephens, who said those sentiments were simply, "Facts".

Another entertainer, Cheetahh, also agreed with Demarco.

"Music alone could never be the cause of anything, but music contribute to everything. Healing, inspiration, motivation, dedication, glorification; everything...

"Music brings light and darkness! We artist accepts when someone tells us a song that he did motivated them to change or think good or it uplifts them from a dark place. But fail to accept that a song can also influence bad? Make that make sense!" wrote Cheetahh.

Demarco showed his support for the perspectives by posting several emojis.

Demarco has been in the entertainment industry since 2003 and is known for songs such as 'Fallen Soldiers', 'Lazy Body', and 'Bad Gal Anthem'.

SOURCE: LoopNews

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