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Dutch court continues Jah Cure's incarceration, trial likely for 2023

Authorities in the Netherlands confirmed to Loop News on Wednesday that, following a pro-forma hearing a day earlier, a judge ruled to keep Jah Cure in detention.

As a result of the ruling, Jah Cure, whose real name is Siccature Alock, will continue serving a six-year sentence in the Netherlands for attempted manslaughter.

Unhappy that the court did not find Jah Cure guilty of attempted murder and only attempted manslaughter, Netherlands’ authorities said previously that they “lodged an appeal to the Court of Appeal” to challenge “the acquittal for attempted murder”.

Regarding the next court hearing, the authorities in the Netherlands revealed: “There’s another pro-forma hearing planned for January 24, 2023, while the case is being prepared for the actual trial.”

As to where Jah Cure is being held during this time and the conditions of the facility, a representative from the authorities in the Netherlands said: “Due to privacy law, I cannot disclose any information on the representation of the suspect or the specific facility/location where the suspect is incarcerated.”

On October 1, 2021, he was arrested in Amsterdam after having stabbed a music promoter in the stomach. He was sentenced to six years in prison — with credit for time served — for attempted manslaughter in March 2022.

The Jamaican recording artiste is known for the hit songs 'Longing For', 'Love Is', and 'True Reflection' (Prison Walls). His 2015 album, 'The Cure', which included the songs 'That Girl', 'Rasta', and 'Life We Live', earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album that year.

SOURCE: LoopNews

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