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Caution Buzzin & Friends Presents Ras Iwhan In Concert


Venue: Hbiscus Community Centre

Date: Saturday 21st January 2023

Showtime: 21:30 (GMT)


DOORS: 20:00 (GMT)

This talented, cultural reggae artist, Ras Iwhan, was born 25th september 1975 in the sunshine city Portmore, Jamaica. He came from a musical family background which is where he got his inspiration. At the tender age of nine he sang in church, at school concerts and community events, such as Ghetto Splash. At the age of 16 Ras Iwhan recorded his first single; Crying In the Rain, he was then known as Singing Rice. He went on to become a very popular up and coming artist performing on many major stage in Jamaica. He often frequented big recording studios such as; King Jammy's, Killaman Jaro, Black Scorpio and Mixing Lab, which is just a few out of the many that could be mentioned.

Ras Iwhans career elevated to new heights after meeting up with, Earl Samuels and Brian Chung from the multi award winning night club Cactus. Here Ras Iwhan became a popular artist to the media and demanded many a good write up from papers such as, The Star, Gleaner, The Observer and The Jamaica Xnews. After numerous great performances Ras Iwhan was awarded young artist of the year 1996 by the multi award winning night club Cactus.

Ras Iwhan went on to share stage with many reggae icons such as; Beres Hammond, Sanchez, Dennis Brown, Luciano, Buju Banton and many more big names.

Ras Iwhan is now based in the UK doing recordings etc and performing around the country where he is very well recepted.

Ras Iwhan the revolutionary singer still blazing to success. Listen and look out for this shining star ever so shining......

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