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Alchemy Records Unleashes Ruddy Irie's 'Toll Road' Single

Alchemy Production Presents: "Ruddy Irie - Toll Road"

📆 Release Date: 3rd November 2023

Alchemy Records has once again proven its prowess in the reggae scene with the release of Ruddy Irie's "Toll Road," the title track for the captivating "Toll Road Riddim."

Produced by Albert "Alchemist" Thompson, a luminary in the reggae industry with a rich history of collaborations with legends like Dennis Brown, Bunny Wailer, Mighty Diamonds, and Gregory Isaacs, the single marks a promising debut for the forthcoming EP


Ruddy Irie's performance on "Toll Road" is nothing short of spectacular, effortlessly riding the rhythmic waves of the Toll Road Riddim. The song not only showcases Ruddy Irie's vocal prowess but also serves as a testament to Alchemist's production finesses.

The single's release sets the stage for the eagerly anticipated EP, promising a collection of tracks that share the same rhythmic foundation.

Alchemy Records has made it easy with various platforms to connect with Ruddy Irie's music. From Spotify and Apple Music to YouTube, fans can immerse themselves in the Toll Road experience even before the full EP drops.

In summary, "Ruddy Irie - Toll Road" is a testament to the continued legacy of Alchemy Records, blending the seasoned expertise of Albert "Alchemist" Thompson with the fresh, dynamic voice of Ruddy Irie. As the Toll Road EP looms on the horizon, this single has set the bar high for what promises to be a standout release.

Get ready for a journey down the Toll Road!

3 November 2023

© 2023 Alchemy Production

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